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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some FAQ's that can answer a lot of inquiries about different issues we face at the office every day. If any of these pertain to you and your issues, please give us a call at 330-666-7440 and come in for a consultation. We're here to help!

 01  Can silver fillings be replaced by white ones?​

There are only two ways to fill a cavity: With the traditional silver metal amalgam filling or with the white plastic bonded filling.


We do both types of fillings at Akron Dental Concepts. Not every cavity can be filled with both types of materials. Here's the pros and cons of each. Ask Dr. Aldrich which type of material is appropriate for you.




  • made of different metals with a trace amount of mercury

  • starts out as a silver color and can turn darker over time

  • can withstand crunchy foods over a long period of time, however can cause hairline fractures in the remaining tooth structure which can result in a broken tooth

  • is not bonded to tooth so it can fall out

  • inexpensive




  • made of plastic

  • color is matched to existing tooth color

  • won't change color with whitening products

  • can't withstand crunchy foods over a long period of time- will break and leak and need to be replaced especially if it's large

  • is bonded to tooth

  • expensive- many insurance companies will not cover bonded fillings in molar teeth




 02  Can Zoom whitening help with tetracycline staining?

Coffee, tea, spaghetti sauce, mustard, and wine are all a part of the American diet. Over the years, your teeth can absorb these foods and become stained resulting in darker looking teeth.


But your smile doesn't have to stay in the "dark ages." At Akron Dental Concepts, we can give you an inexpensive Akron dental makeover without the drill! Tetracycline staining can be improved using these products.


Zoom® In-Office Whitening System is clinically proven to whiten teeth an average of eight shades in just one office visit, giving you the immediate results you want. Zoom gets teeth whiter, faster, and keeps them whiter longer using the latest light-activated whitening technology and industry-leading, take-home whitening products.


If you're getting ready for a wedding or a graduation, make Zoom whitening part of your preperation for that big day.



 03  What are sealants?

We all have tiny grooves in our teeth that over time can become prone to decay and need fillings. When these teeth first erupt as children, these grooves are even more pronounced. Placing a plastic coating or sealant on these teeth can help to avoid the destruction of thse crevices over time. And it's not just for kids, adults can benefit from  sealants too. Most people will have their first cavity by 35 so sealants can help to prolong that problem.



 04  I have a TMJ problem/ headaches, do you make night guards?

Did you know that clenching and grinding your teeth at night can lead to chronic headaches? 23 million Americans suffer from migraine pain which results in $17.2 billion in loss productivity at work every year.


The FDA-approved NTI device reduces the chances of a migraine by 77%. This tiny device opens the mouth slightly so that the upper and lower jaws can't lock into place. This locking can cause the muscles of the head and neck to become inflammed which can result in nerve pressure and then a headache or migraine.



 05  Do you make metal-free partials and dentures?

If you're missing teeth and you want to be able to chew your food again, why not try a Valplast Partial. Valplast partials are made of an acylic with a small amount of rubber that makes them both study and flexible.


The nice things about Valplast is that they don't have any metal clasps that can wear on and break the teeth that hold the partial into place. we also make full dentures with no metal.


 06  I'm in pain. How do I get rid of it? 


If you have a cavity that goes deep into the nerve of the tooth, the nerve begins to swell, causing pain and throbbing. In this case, a root canal is needed. The tooth decay is cleaned out and the nerve itself is removed and the root is disinfected- like snaking a clogged drain. After the root is cleaned out, a rubber filling is placed and then the tooth can be repaired with a tooth crown.


The only other way to get rid of the infection is by extracting the tooth.


 07 Do you do clear braces? What is Clear Correct?


A lot of adults these days had braces growning up and lost their retainers at some point in college. Or maybe they always wanted braces but their parents couldn't afford them and now as an adult they don't want those ugly, sliver things on their teeth.


Well, you're in luck. Dr. Aldrich offers a clear alternative to those old silver braces and they're called Clear Correct. Clear Correct is one of the newest clear aligners on the market giving Invisalign some competition.


Every three weeks you change your aligners to the new set and you wear them day and night- only taking them out when you eat and drink. These light-weight plastic mouth guards can be considered an altenative for an Akron dental makeover compared to porcelain tooth crowns and veneers.


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